Google Competes with Amazons Drone Delivery Idea with Uber

Not too long ago I read up on and even blogged about this new idea Amazon is launching: Drone Delivery.  The main goal of this idea where little drones take packages directly to customers’ doors is to increase speed of delivery.  Solid idea.  If you read my blog from before, you would know that I found this news fascinating and very high tech.  But my main concern was, when this drone delivery goes into full effect, how many people are going to be left out of a job? Also, how accurate will these drones actually be in locating the addresses.

To Google, idea of delivery drones was incredibly stupid.  According to Google, in the time that it’ll take to perfect this drone technology and get in running, Google will be ahead of the game, delivering packages very quickly using a different method: Uber. 

Uber already offers the service where they go and pick up customers and act as a taxi. This service is great because the wait time is significantly shortened and you know exactly when the driver will arrive.  They will be now offering a similar service!  Instead of picking up a person, they simply pick up the package from the merchant and deliver to the customer.  Deliveries using this method can be done in about 30 minutes.  Talk about huge changes in the delivery business.  This idea appeals to me more than the idea of drones because it keeps real people in the mix.  I think it’ll make the experience a lot more comfortable and effective. 

Google is not ruling out drones as a future delivery method.  However, they have found a method of fast shipping in the meantime, keeping them ahead of the game.  

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich