Google Chrome can listen in on our conversations?!

Most of us are aware that Google Chrome has the capability of speech recognition, especially since they have the “Google OK” tool that allows users to talk to the URL navigation bar.  But did you know that the computer can keep listening?

Apparently, Google is triggered to simply listen in when users open up new pages or tabs in their browsers.  The way that this works is, users open up their browser using Google OK, and a little window pops up asking permission to use voice recognition.  Most of us expect that after we perform the intended task that the computer is no longer listening, especially after you close out that box.  Not so.  As long as the Google Chrome browser remains open, chrome and the websites you visit can actually listen in on you. 

What is more startling is that after Google had been made aware of this issue, and have a fix for it, they still refuse to take action.  According to them, since permission is asked for beforehand everything remains legal, despite the fact that what is being asked for is misleading.  Sounds like a huge invasion of privacy if you ask me. 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich