Apple is Refunding $32.5 Million to Customers

Apple is refunding a whopping $32.5 million to customers! Why?  Because apparently some children have been purchasing upgrades and additional games within apps, without parental consent.  Now Apple is a very big company that prides itself in quality and great customer service.  Being that they are a company so huge in the tech world, you’d think that this is something that they would have thought of!  Well, that’s the thing.  They did think of it. 

Currently, Apple has a policy within games where there is a child lock from purchasing additional games.  The child must first ask a parents permission and input a password that then allows them to purchase additional games.  Where Apple went wrong is by trying to make their products user friendly, they allot a 15 minute window after the password has been entered for purchases to be made without the password protection every single time. 

Well, I guess kids are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.  Children realized that there was a 15 minute window for them to go to town with the app purchasing, and many took advantage! 

I’m not sure how fair it is that Apple now has to pay the price for children sneaking behind their parents’ backs and doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing.  Shouldn’t it be the parent’s job to teach their children to respect rules? 

Anyway, to avoid conflict and the headache of a trial, Tim Cook has agreed to comply and reimburse customers whose little rascals - I mean kids - practiced a bit of thievery from unsuspecting parents. 

Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich