And the Academy Award Goes to…Samsung

While hosting the famous Oscar’s this year, Ellen pulled a few lighthearted jokes that made history.  Being that right now the “selfie” has become a huge trend of the year, the comedic host pulled her phone out her phone a number of times to snap selfie’s - one of which broke a new twitter record. 

Without ever making a mention of the phone, she still managed to give Samsung some of the best advertising they could ask for.  With the re-tweeting of the big celeb selfie also came mentions of the Galaxy Note with which the photo was taken. 

During the three and a half hour span of the Academy Awards itself, there was a whole 40,000 mentions of the phone across social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  There was an average of 900 Samsung mention PER MINUTE.  Not bad Samsung, not bad. 

Ready for the juicy gossip?  Apparently, the whole thing was an act and a great advertising scheme.  Ellen posted several other photos, like the one above, but she made the mistake of posting using her actual phone – an iPhone.  So, her expertly snapping photos on stage with her handy Galaxy Note was all part of a Samsung advertising scheme.  Not very ethical, but the ruse worked regardless.  Perhaps Ellen should have taken the best leading actress award?   But I guess Cate Blanchet beats her… by a hair ;)


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Ruza Radich
Ruza Radich