Newest Social Apps

Lets face it, this generation revolves around social media, but haven't we all had just about enough of Facebook and Twitter? There has to be more to social media! We've compiled a list of the hottest new social media platforms and apps below. These social platforms are ones everyone should be familiar with, whether you use them or not.



1) Yik Yak

The main thing you need to know about Yik Yak is everything is anonymous! All posts are geographically connected to the nearest 500 people who are also signed into the app. You can Yak virtually "anything and everything" through the 200 character text boxes.

Yik Yak is primarily for people over the age of 18 since explicit content is not censored and location services tell other Yakkers exactly where the Yak was posted from.

This app is really popular among college students as they can Yak about classmates, professors, and common interests on campus.



2) Snapchat

Snapchat is an app that allows you to send pictures and videos with text to your friends, however the picture or video will self-destruct after being viewed for 10 seconds or less. This app can be really fun because you can send your friends ugly/ funny pictures without being made fun of since the picture will disappear into cyberspace within a couple of second, never to be seen again. This app can also be risky however since there are several techniques to save received Snapchats without the sender being informed, so Snap at your own risk!



3) Kik

Kik is one of the most versatile messenger apps out there. It allows its users to chat anywhere at anytime while allowing them to keep privacy since they don't need to give out a phone number or any personal information through Kik.

Kik is very similar to many other messaging apps, and really doesn't have anything distinct about it that distinguishes it from competitors other than the fact that it is so popular. This app have over 40,000 reviews in the App Store and since so many people have it, its real easy to ask someone for their Kik rather than asking for a phone number or a Facebook account. 




4) Wanelo

The abbreviation "wanelo" comes from "want need love". Wanelo is less on the social side and more of a virtual mall. This website allows people to browse popular and trending products online and create different wishlists and files of products they like. 

Wanelo is popular because users can view others' wishlists and see what other people like online, almost like a shopping blog.




This is another website that is pretty anonymous and hides you identity pretty well, that is only if you want it to hide it. Users create accounts on which other users can ask questions, anonymously or not. The receiver of these questions then has the option to reply to these questions or to disregard them, however if they do choose to reply, their replies must be posted publicly

This website became popular because people could ask their crush questions or talk prank their best friends or just ask questions about people they know anonymously.



6) Yo.

 Yo is a very simple app in which you send your friends a "yo". If you send your friend a "yo", their phone will notify them, saying "yo" out loud. 

Yo allows you to sync the app with your contacts so you can bug anyone you want with a "yo" whenever you want. Thats really all there is to the app, a simple "what't up".


Whichever apps you decide to download, stay social and stay charged with our external battery packs!

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin