New Year, Same Me, and that's Ok!

Every year, we tend to make the same new years resolutions that may or may not be fulfilled. We'll either start working out or quit drinking or whatever it is, and often these resolutions may be too extreme for our lifestyles. Yes, working out everyday is a huge commitment for someone who has never done that before. This is why it is important to take baby steps and realize what a drastic change you can make to your live overtime, not instantaneously!

First, everyone's lifestyle is DIFFERENT is so many different ways! Don't bash on yourself because you didn't get that gym membership special on the first week of January and lose 20 lbs. like your friend! It is ok to start in the middle of January or even in the middle of the year, whenever you are ready to make a change to your life is when you should make it; not when everyone else is doing it. 

Now think about how realistic the change you want to see in yourself is. Don't set your hopes on becoming a Victoria's Secret Runway model, set them on improving yourself. You need an obtainable goal, like to lose a couple pounds, eat healthier, and then take it from there. Otherwise you'll be trying your hardest to become something that seems so hard and end up giving up midway through February! 

Once you've set a reasonable goal for yourself, make sure not to be too hard on yourself! You've been yourself your whole life, you're not just going to wake up a new person the first day of the new year! If you slip up a couple times and can't stick to your new resolution completely, that's ok! Don't give up! Every great basketball player has lost a countless amount of games, just because you mess up doesn't mean you should quit! Keep trying and you'll eventually get into the habit of keeping that resolution. 

The bottom line is, its ok not to have some crazy impressive resolution! This year, just try taking baby steps every day, not just the first week of January! This will give you greater improvement to your life than a drastic new year's resolution that you can't follow. 

This year, we encourage you to go fun places, meet great people, eat great food and post some pictures! Stay charged this new year and order one of our batteries so your can stay charged all year long! Happy New Year everyone!

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin