Highest Paying Tech Jobs

This generation is full of ambitious techies looking to make a living off their skills in the world of electronics, however it can sometimes be difficult to find a high-paying job in the tech industry as many entry level jobs do not give you the dream 6-figure income. So now, we've created a list of some of the highest paying jobs in the tech field. Whether you're just browsing some career options or work in the tech industry, remember to stay charged throughout the day with our portable, rechargeable batteries!

1) IT Specialist

To be an IT specialist, one must know information technology like the back of their hand. Jobs in the IT field are not limited to tech companies as they may also maintain IT fields for large companies and corporations. IT Specialists have an average annual salary ranging from $71,000-$107,000

2) Software Developer

Developing software can range anywhere from writing code to creating an app for the company and even to setting up online firewalls for companies. This job can be very difficult because you essentially have to learn computer language and become familiar with different aspects of programming, however it all pays off in the end as software developers make an average annual salary $94,000! 

3) Civil Engineer

Civil engineer is a broad term basically stating that your job entitles any form of engineering and will involve lots of discussion, interaction, and negotiation with those in your field. Civil engineers can make an average of $79,000- $122,000 per year!

4) Web Developer 

Web developers create custom websites for large companies and can get paid anywhere from $25-$87 an hour! can average out to an annual pay of $87,000! Next time you're on a company's website, just think about what it'd be like having created that entire page, with every little detail and transition. Wow!

5) Database Administrator

This position involves creating, customizing, and securing a company's database to store all their information finances. On average, database administrators have an average annual salary ranging from $78,000-$117,00!


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin