Hired or Fired: Best Interview Tricks to Know

Ever been nervous just before an important interview? We all have at some point! There isn't always an easy way to make your nervousness go away, however there certainly are things you can do to boost your confidence and make you more appealing during an interview! Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve that are sure to help you win them over, even in a stressful interview!

First of all think about your body language! 80% of communication is body language so people will pick it up very quickly if you are nervous, even without you saying anything. You could answer every question perfectly, but if your body language isn't appealing, it may send your potential boss askew. 

Your posture is one important aspect of your body language to look at. Are you hunching over? People often tend to try and close their bodies up when they are nervous, and hunching shows you closing your core. Keep your back straight and your chest slightly concave outward. This will give you a bolder, more confident look already!

Next, be aware of your hands. People often tend to clench their hands or sit on them as another way of "closing" themselves up. Let your hands be a way to guide people through suggestive motions. This also doesn't mean your hands should be all over the place. Avoid touching your face and neck as these are easy giveaways to an insecure person! Let your hands move about naturally, as you would in conversation with a close friend or family member.

Another important aspect of body language is your facial expressions and eye contact. Avoid keeping a completely motionless face and staring straight at who ever is interviewing you, as this will obviously appear staged. Along with your hands, allow your facial expressions to guide your responses and dialogue. Eye contact is a great indicator of focus and confidence level. Creating just enough eye contact with your interviewer will establish a more respectful relationship with them and they will be more likely to take you seriously.

Last, and most difficult is your conversation skills. It is hard to prepare what to say because you never know what you are going to be asked. Your response doesn't have to be perfect, they know you are not prepared to ask spontaneous questions. What is important is being able to say anything you're saying with confidence! Fake it till' you make it! If you look and sound like you know what you're talking about, who's to say you don't? Avoid using words like "um" or "like", is you need a break, it is ok to take a dramatic pause, or replace "um" with "now". Don't speak too quietly or it will look like you are uncertain of what you are saying. If you are naturally a soft spoken person, imagine yourself yelling! It will help you appear more confident!


We hope these tips help you out when your nerves get the best of you! Don't forget to checkout our portable external batteries to keep you out of any other sticky situations you might come across.


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin