The Most RIDICULOUS Apps on the Market!

We've all come across that app that is completely pointless and ridiculous and wonder why anyone would ever download let alone create it! We've put together a list of what we think are the dumbest apps out there today, we hope you'll laugh along as you read.


1) Heater app

This is an app intended to trick people into believing it will actually turn their phones into a little hand warmer/ portable heater. Desperate times call for desperate measures and if you're actually freezing, you might download this and pray it'll warm you up. The truth is, it won't! It isn't possible to turn any phone into a "heater" unless you're really over using your phone and allow it to get over heated (which is NOT good for your phone at all). There are several apps out there calling themselves heater apps and some of them you actually have to pay for! Bottom line is, these don't actually heat anything and are mainly meant to entertain or trick your friends.

2) Yo

This app can be fun if you've got a lot of friends who use it, but there is really no purpose to it. Similar to how you might send a poke to someone on facebook, Yo sends a "yo" to another person who has the app. When you "yo" someone, all that happens is a notification will pop up on the recipient's phone and the phone says "Yo". That's it. People send yo's back and forth until the app gets old or their friends get annoyed. This app can be funny as it can startle someone during a test or put someone in an uncomfortable situation during a meeting, but over all, there is no serious meaning behind Yo.

3) Scratch the Chalkboard

This app is just plain unpleasant. It does exactly what the title implies. You download the app and touch the screen and your phone makes noises like nails on a chalkboard. 

4) Shut Up Button

A giant red button sits in the middle of your screen when you open this app. Pressing the button triggers a loud, angry man's voice yelling "shut up!" This app can come in handy in an argument or to be funny around friends but why not just say shut up yourself? 


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin