Old School Revival?

Music styles go in and out from time to time, but recently, with the global access to a wide variety of music, older music has been revived and incorporated into modern jams. Here are a couple music genres that are being revived today and a little info about what sparked the hype!

1) 70's Funk

This is probably the most obvious one. Number one songs like "Forget You" by Cee Lo Green, "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk, or "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson have taken over the radio stations with their old-school, funky vocals and brass instruments. It is evident that the 70's funky sounds have made their way around the cycle back into pop music. This may be because this particular type of funky pop is very upbeat and exciting which is exactly what this generation is looking for. 

This generation also has an array of different fashion styles from past decades including some very funky 70's fashion with the whole funky. The modern hipster loves platform shoes, thrift shopping for vintage clothing, and recreating the 70's in the new millennium's style. This fashion fluctuation must be influencing not only clothing styles but also music preferences. 

2) Jazz

Jazz is a classic example of a type of music that is never really gone. It has changed forms and disguised itself throughout the history of music calling itself "The Blues" sometimes and "Ragtime" other times. Now it has transformed into "Ambient" or "Lounge" music today, and although it may not contain the classic elements of Jazz like the brass instruments, it certainly couldn't have stemmed from any other genre of music.

Today, even classic Jazz is evident in our music as people will play Jazz as their main beat for a rap song, or add some slow vocals for a softer pop song.  

Famous modern artist are clearly influenced by Jazz and are able to incorporate certain elements of Jazz into their music and their style. For example, Pharrell always likes to wear that Jazzy fedora to add that extra something to each outfit. 

3) Classic Rock

Classic rock will always be a classic! Recently there has been a huge spike in the revival of classic rock with the whole modern "hippie" movement. The fashion industry has taken advantage of older styles including the whole hippie look, and with the sales of freshly printed tie-die also come the sales of old record players and Led Zepplin albums.


Although some of these artists may be the oldest ones we listen to, most of us are very familiar with The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. Why is it that these are some of the oldest yet most famous artists in our libraries? Its because this classic rock is constantly being sampled and recreated into modern music. Today, alternative-rock has become a dominating music genre, consisting of basic rock elements that stemmed from old classic rock bands like Pink Floyd.


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Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin