This Exists?! Living in the Future: The LATEST in Tech!

We all remember when 2015 was supposed to be the age of flying cars and teleporting. Unfortunately, we haven't come that far in technological advancements yet, but we have come out with a few crazy new futuristic gadgets! Here are a couple of the coolest new tech gadgets and rumors of more to come!


3D Food Printer!

That's right! This year at CES in Las Vegas, XYZPrinting released its all new 3D food printer. Right now the printer can make things like pastries, candies, and pizza, but the company says it will eventually be able to 3D print much more. It works by the user inputting a design or shape into the monitor as well as adding the required ingredients. Then, voila! You've got 3D printed dinner! 

Microsoft Hololens- Holographic glasses!

These glasses simulate holographic modules all around you and can be used for a variety of different activities! You could use them to turn your house into a video game and create a virtual reality around you, or you could use them to create virtual friends or even partners! These glasses haven't been released to the public yet however it will not be long before they're on the shelf at Best Buy or Fry's.

 Humanoid Robots???

 These are no tech rumor, they exist! That's right, we've created extremely human-like robots designed to perform tasks that people would normally do. The one in the photo below is named Chihira Aiko and was recently developed by Toshiba to serve as a communication android. It is almost scary how realistic she looks, her human like features make her easy to understand and her life like expressions add a sense of comfort to her dialogue. 

HexoSkin - Smart Clothes!

Here, we have sportswear that will actually pick up signals with heart and breath sensors so you can closely monitor your performance. HexoSkin has been available since 2013 however this year, the company has really excelled and created extremely high quality and comfortable clothing. 

Galaxy S6 - GLASS phone!

This one is still a rumor but the information was actually leaked from Samsung, so I'm guessing its as credible as a rumor gets! Samsung's new Galaxy S6 will come equipped with a touch ID scanner similar to the finger scanners on the iPhones. Rumors point to a phone that is glass on both the front and the back side with metal rims on the edges. Samsung also claims the new S6 will have a smoother software system.

Jumper and Charger? 

The craziest gadget has to be our Juno Jumper! Not only does this 6000mAh battery pack charge your smartphones and tablets, but it can also jump start your car! Yes that's right this thing can fit in your pocket easily but can jump start a car in under a minute! No more asking strangers for help or waiting for your insurance agent to come jump you for $50. Check out our Jumper and more battery packs on our main page!


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin