Don't Lose the Gym Hype: Tips for Staying in Shape

Lots of people make the New Year's resolution to get in shape, but usually people drop their gym membership or become distracted by the end of February. We've created a list of a few tips you can use to stay in shape and not lose that new year motivation. Hope you enjoy!

1) Keep Going!

If you turn your workout into a routine and go even on the days you feel bad, your body will learn to see your workouts as an opportunity to come back to a safe place where you can relieve your stress. It will take some getting used to but it will be worth it in the end. 

2) Accompany your Workouts with Healthy Eating

It may be difficult to change your eating habits, but as you begin to transition to a healthier lifestyle, you will notice that your workout become increasingly more satisfying and your body will be able to handle a lot more when you've got a healthy diet to support your workouts. You will also adapt to your healthy eating habits!  Once you get used to a healthier diet, it won't be so hard to stick to it and unhealthy/ junk food may not even be appealing to you anymore.

3) Add Variety

A workout routine shouldn't really be called a routine. The only thing routine about it is the fact that you're going often enough to make it part of your lifestyle. It is NOT called a routine because you're doing the same things over and over. If you're a cardio person, try throwing in some weights to your workout, and if you're a weight person, incorporate some cardio. You will notice a difference in your workouts when you add some variety and have something new and fun to do every time you workout. Plus, the more variety you add to your workouts, the more in shape you'll be getting! 

4) Workout with a team or a partner

It can be really helpful to have a couple friends to workout with. If you have a gym membership, try taking an aerobics or spinning class with a regular schedule, or if you know a couple people at your gym, try asking them to workout with you. Having someone that expects you to be at the gym can help you get into a regular cycle of going to the gym. When you workout alone, its easy to make an excuse and skip a workout! Having some people to rely on or help you workout will push you in your workouts and allow you to gain further knowledge and experience from your peers.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far! Keep yourself energized with healthy with diet and exercise and for those things you can't keep energized, there's our portable battery packs! Keep your mobile devices charged with one of our external batteries and stay in charge of your life.

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin