America's Largest Export: Culture

We all know that Hollywood is the capital of the film industry and has been for more than a century. American entertainment however is exported more than any other country's, and has created an influential cultural bubble around the world through media. 

From a young age, children learn what "love" is through media, and often "first crush" is a celebrity. But what is it about American celebrities that is so much more appealing than any other countries' stars? Sure Bollywood is a big deal in India, but most countries don't have Bollywood channels and ads. Most countries do however dedicate a large percentage of their broadcasting to American television series, cartoons, movies, reality shows, and more.

(Merchants in India dressed as Santa)

English is one of the primary languages taught in schools around the world because of how big of an industry entertainment is and because of how much of a steak America has in the industry.

(Family living in slums of Rafiq Nagar watches American television show)

American entertainment contains all the best elements of a selling product: enticing, unpredictable, and satisfying. Although the actual films or television shows may not satisfy every viewer, they know how to sell the entertainment industry and make you feel like you need  to watch it!

(McDonald's selling global franchises)

Today's culture is a giant global melting pot with pinches of other different countries, and a broth based off America. It is constantly fluctuating and changing with the ease of image sharing and communication. Technology and media clearly play a huge role in today's society and bind our global culture together. It is up to us as individuals to decide whether technology has made a positive or negative impact on our lives.


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin