World's Smallest Computers

When people think of their computers today, they'll usually picture a laptop, or even their smartphones. Technology is constantly getting more and more compact. Simply put, the smaller the device, the more "modern" it is. Today's technological advancements however have come a long way, to the point where computers with so much power have become extremely compact. 

The device below in particular is Intel's new computer that is the size of a thumb drive! Compare this computer (which is probably capable of more than the 30 lb computer above) even with a computer one may have purchased only 5 years ago, the difference in size and efficiency is drastic!


The computer below, in particular, is used to treat people with chronic dry eyes. The device is not yet available to the public, however when it is released it will be a gateway into modern medicine advancements through technology. 

When in the eye, the device is controlled by a remote control, gently sending signals to your tear duct to produce more tears. Just don't lose that remote!


Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin