Smartphones are Theft Accomplices?!

Recently there has been an epidemic of credit card fraud and theft around the world. Credit card theft has been a pretty big problem recently as it is easy to figure out someone's information or find a lost credit card on the floor and try using it. Smartphones however have made the job of stealing someone's credit card information a LOT easier!


One of the newest methods of credit card theft that is not yet widely known about is through smartphone cameras. Everyone's got a camera on their phone nowadays.. in fact, I'm not even sure that they make phones without cameras today. Smartphone camera's are particularly tricky because it is easy to look like you are occupied or are just texting someone on your phone when indeed you are taking a photo or video of someone who is completely oblivious.


This gives people in the industry for fraud an easy way into people's pockets. Whether at the ATM, at the bank, or just at the grocery store grabbing some food to make for dinner, you can never be sure who is using their camera nearby! 

So many smartphones out there have really high resolution cameras too! This means thieves don't even need to be near you because they can zoom in pretty close!

Once you've got a clear-cut shot of the credit card, not only can you use the credit card information you've obtained from the photo, you can also make certain transactions (depending on what bank you have) just by uploading a photo of a credit card to certain banking apps available. This gives you to ability to withdraw money and purchase things without even putting in any information!


Credit card theft can be a devastating situation, as financial situations aren't always flexible enough to cover thousands of dollars of damage to ones pocket so it is important to stay safe and aware in protecting your pocket! Don't expose the face of your credit card when holding it or walking around with it in public so that people trying to snap a shot don't even have a chance! 

Although smartphones can be dangerous, they definitely are not going anywhere for a long time and can be used for a lot of good, not just credit card theft. We all rely heavily on using our mobile devices to power us through our days, although our smartphones do not always have the capacity to keep us going! Check out our portable external batteries and save you phones battery life! Who knows when you're gonna have to cancel a false transaction on your phone or answer a call for suspicious activity from your bank? Better safe than sorry, so stay charged guys!

Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin