Cleverly Disguised Technology

Let's face it, technology is everywhere these day. Are we always aware of what technology is around us though? Here are a couple cool, creepy, and cute pieces of tech you may not have guessed were electronics at all!

Hidden cell phone tower in Arizona. This ones pretty clever! Disguised as a cactus, who knew!

 Many states and counties require that telephone poles be disguised as trees or sculpted into some sort of modern statues. This is because telephone poles out in the open can be a real eyesore for people. It is important not to blight towns that rely heavily on tourism and for this reason, Arizona decided to disguise their cell phone towers as cacti! Pretty realistic right?

Other regions of the United States will cover up their telephone poles with scenery that better fits their environment.

Blends right into the trees!

This palm tree cell phone tower is perfect for tropical climates!


Clever disguises can also be very helpful at times, take this disguised rover that was used to help study penguins. Since the rover was treated like one of the baby penguins, it allowed scientists to study interaction within the penguin community like they had never been able to in the past. 

The little guy fit right in! 

They created several prototypes, and the one above was one of the more realistic ones.

 Disguised tech can also be really fun and customized. Check out these Starbucks frapuccinos.. or are they? These are actually battery packs for charging your phone, they just don't look like it!

Cute, funny, and simple.


Disguised technology can also be pretty dangerous with hidden cameras made to blend in with their environments. Technology has advances to the point where cameras can be so small and unnoticeable so they can easily be placed ANYWHERE!

This camera is disguised in a tie!


Hidden cameras can be found in a handful of everyday objects including glasses, pens, and watches. 


Whatever tech you choose to use, make sure to gear up with our portable batteries so you can stay charged anywhere you go! 



Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin