Crazy Predictions of 2015 from the 1900's

2015 is pretty advanced compared to how the world was 30 years ago, but just how advanced? We've had several films and books written a long time ago that had made predictions about the technology we would be having in 2015. We've found a couple inventions that were actually accurately predicted, and a couple that were totally off!

In Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the year 2015. 2015 was a world full of flying cars, and hover boards. We obviously aren't even close to having flying cars all around us, but Back to the Future did predict flat screen TV's, thumb print unlocking, and video chatting! As for the self tying shoes, we aren't there yet.

The image above shows Back the the Future having a flat screen TV way before flat screens were even invented! Innovative ideas like the ones in these types of futuristic movies influence our technology to this day!

Start Trek is another futuristic Sci-Fi film that predicted a lot of modern pieces of technology that we have today. One of the most popular and widely used products today as seen on Star Trek was "the communicator" or the cell phone. 

Look familiar? We even created flip phones based on the aesthetic design that originally came from Star Trek! Star Trek also had communication "badge" that clipped onto your clothes just like today's Bluetooth devices!

Star Trek also created universal translators so that different alien races could communicate among each other. We also have a tool very similar to this

Even cartoon television shows like The Jetsons predicted something we use so frequently today, video chat! Its crazy to think how a couple of years ago, these ideas weren't within reach and were only something that existed in cartoons or futuristic films. 

Not every prediction of the future was accurate though! Most future depictions show us already having flying cars. It's not that flying cars are too advanced for us, they just wouldn't be a safe feasible option for us right now. Image how bad a car accident would be if it happened hundreds of feet in the air, like a plane collision!


The images above are futuristic depictions of flying cars from the movie The Fifth Element.


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Lisa Ilyin
Lisa Ilyin