iPhone 5S Should you upgrade?

The past few iPhone “S” versions have come with a groundbreaking feature. For the iPhone 3GS it was speed and for the iPhone 4S it was Siri, but the iPhone 5S doesn’t add many major improvements or innovations outside of the new fingerprint scanner, an improved camera, and a faster processor.

Apple has generally stayed safe with their designs and have taken a similar form and made improvements on it. However, as other phones begin to populate the top of the phone market, the iPhone has generally remained unchanged. The main thing that is changing is the operating system, the new iOS 7 is said to be an overhaul graphically and functionally, but one does not have to have the 5S in order to update to this new software. For now the ingenious fingerprint scanner that can be used to unlock your phone in addition to other features, the better camera, and the new 64-bit A7 processor should keep the iPhone 5S among the top in the phone market for a little longer. The new iPhone is certainly better than the iPhone 5. How much better is going to be determined in the next few months as people begin to use it on a daily basis.

Brandon Teragawa
Brandon Teragawa